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    Meet Our Team…

    The Terenzi Team with Hergenrother Realty Group

    Sandie Terenzi, Realtor®
    Lisa Gillette, Realtor®
    Director of Sales
    P: 860.305.7896 P: 860.202.1018
    Michael Price, Realtor® Jonathan Hastings, Realtor®
    P: 860.573.1384 P: 860.874.9482

    Chris Clarke, Realtor® Jared Kosky, Realtor®
    P: 860.879.6650 P: 719.352.5333
    Adam Williams, Realtor® Ricardo Mickens, Realtor®
    P: 860.806.0409 P: 860.324.0847

    Our Admin Team

    Shannen Tack
    Director of Operations/Realtor®
    Megan Leigh Burg
    Transaction Coordinator
    Lori Wilson
    Listing Manager
    P: 860.604.8976 P: 518.256.0767 P: 860.761.3780